// Dec 21, 2017 BY jade

What Makes a Great Idea?

Rather, ‘what makes a great idea for brand engagement?’

In our view that is appeal, simplicity and relevance.

In other words, do people like it? Do they get it? Does it do a job for us?

One of our own ‘great ideas’ is the ‘Shoe Bike’ as part of our work for Continental Tyres. Continental is an expert in grip and provides adidas with rubber for many of its running shoes’ soles, as well as being the manufacturer of bike tyres (and many other vehicles besides).

To capture Continental’s expertise, we imagined a bike that replaced its tyres with trainers. The resulting two-wheeled spectacle, the Shoe Bike, was born, and online images, videos and articles featuring it have been seen by millions.

There’s no magic formula for what makes a great idea, though these five top tips are a good start:

1. Have appeal. It might be simple, it might be clever, but vitally it has to have appeal – people have to be interested and motivated to share the idea. How it is physically and visually presented is really important.

2. Keep it simple. Even if the idea is something very different, the logic behind it should be clear, simple and self-evident.

3. Have a point. It is after all something someone is paying for even when that is just your time. It has to be relevant to the brand and consistent with the themes it has.

4. Make it accessible. So more than just posting the content on social media, it might mean promoting it, and making is shareable and available in a range of appropriate formats or different edits.

5. Recognise the potential and the limitations. Even a fantastic idea might not generate enormous interest at first, or ever, for no reason you can control. Though you also need to be aware that if a piece of content becomes popular, it can become very popular, very quickly and maximising that can be challenging in terms of traffic generated to hosting sites and also international requests to use the content. Be certain you will know how to respond.

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