// Mar 29, 2017 BY jade

Telling the story with awards

As a communication consultancy with 33 awards to date (from 2010 to March 2017) under our belt, we believe there is value in gaining the recognition of our peers.

Just last week in a Gorkana whitepaper called ‘The power of winning an industry award’ it lists the benefits as: boosting team morale, validation for excellent work, recognition from peers and of course, attention from possible new clients.

Aside from these clear advantages, accolades can help to tell and enhance a business’s story. In PR, we like to help companies drill down to the reasons why they are different or stand out from their competitors. Of course, if an organisation, product or service is ‘award-winning’ then clearly it is exceptional – and recognition offers the opportunity to explain how and why.

Being recognised by an industry body or influential organisation adds credibility and boosts reputation. Claiming you might be good at something is never as compelling as third-party endorsement that you are the best, or among the best, in your sector.

Those individuals and companies that enter professional awards show their commitment by doing so. It takes time, effort and often money to enter. Plus, a business that prides itself on a particular area – such as being an investor in its staff or being dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility for example – have to clearly demonstrate tangible evidence in their entries. Any wins are testament that the company does actually practice what it preaches.

Though, this doesn’t mean that every single award available should be entered - and not just because it needs the investment of resources. As a consultancy we always question what we are doing. When selecting and entering awards the objective of doing so should be kept front of mind, so it’s never a wasted effort.

The value of awards is not just a chance to celebrate – it is a prompt to action. That’s why we are overjoyed to have won ‘Automotive PR Support Agency’ and ‘Automotive PR Campaign’ for our work on Continental Tyres UK at the national Newspress Awards.

Now we are going to engage with brands and businesses in the automotive sector that we would love to work with – and hope and expect they might be more willing to have that conversation than previously. 

We are proud to work with clients such us: